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Happy New Year

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

My initial plan was to post one blog entry every week but it didn't work very well as you see. The problem is that I probably don't believe I have anything to say for most of the time. Saying words is not in my nature. I prefer to paint. In fact I was painting a lot recently. There is so many paintings in my flat it gets really tricky to find a space on the wall, even though I try my best to find exposure else where. There are three galleries and three coffee shops helping me with space issues but I definitely need more.

There is a hope on the horizon. Next month, in March, there is a few events where I am going to participate and hopefully a chance to earn some cash. Fingers crossed.

Apart from that I have been haunted with the idea of changing my style. I am torn though between abstraction and fantasy or maybe I should try to mix those two things together. Who knows what can be born?

There is an issue with space unfortunately. Until I have a good size studio space I can't make that dream come true, unless I want to start small... very small.

This is what I do recently. I work on very small pieces- 20x20cm canvas boards, just to keep my artistic juices to flow.

I won't have now any photos showing my tiny artworks except the one with a lemon, so I add it here.

Until next time.

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