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What's on the table?

The still life is a subject that definitely dominates my body of work. Firstly because this theme is favourable to the galleries kindly representing me, secondly because it is a source of everlasting fun and inspiration. I don't think I could ever get bored of playing with forms and colours of fruits, coffee mugs, tea pots, flowers and, shiny wine bottles. It is my memory of love, family gatherings, long conversations with friends, good times and parties. What I am trying to remind everyone is: 'Hey, life is short. Don't forget to enjoy it. You don't know what tomorrow will bring, so now is the time to celebrate!'

As I remember from my childhood, the dining table in my home was never empty. There were always bottles of various drinks, jam or honey jars and bowls of fruits or sweets ready to serve. Whether it was for members of the family or unexpected guest, it was very convenient to have refreshments close at hand.

Back in the last century, my grandmother also liked to keep everything on the table. My dad tried to get on the right side of his new mother-in-law and had that idea, to build a nice storage for her, while she was away visiting the family in Ukraine. He moved all the bottles and jars from the table and put them on the new shelves in the cellar. He thought that his mother-in-law will be very pleased with him when she got back, but instead of that she got very crossed. Without hesitation she moved everything back on the table while continuously shouting at my dad. 'If I don't see it I won't remember what I have!'

Well, I guess, it makes sense.

What I am trying to say is stacking the dining table with bottles and jars is like a family tradition for me. Even though I am more like my father and like to keep things tidy I have a big sentiment to the tables filled with goods. They remind me about the good times. As a centre point of every home, a magnet connecting members of the family and friends the dining table represents the heart of the house. Would you rather keep it empty or full?

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