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Everyone is a creator

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Living is creating. Every decision we take will sculpture our life. With every decision we either follow our mind or our heart. Sadly, in many cases we may follow our community, we let others decide what's best for us. Many of our choices are made to please people we love to make them happy, yet is it really worth it, if we feel miserable at the end of the day?

If we follow our mind we tend to make choices that will make us feel secure and stable. We would go for that job that would give us more money and other benefits. We would rather choose the safe option rather than take any risk. Where is fun in that? That kind of life usually leads to a midlife crisis or depression or at least boredom.

A couple moths ago as I was looking for some clues whether to finally quit my day job and go full steam with my art career. The fear of letting go of security was so strong I really struggled to make the decision. Then I met an artist who had made it, he said something that helped me to see things from a different perspective. I probably can't repeat it word for word, but it sounded like this:

You have to decide whether you want to live a boring or exciting life.

That really got me going for a few days. Was my life really that boring? Maybe. It definitely wasn't very exciting. I wanted to feel free but there is no freedom when you work for a big company. I was a slave, frankly speaking. The only way out was to cut the chain and fly away. So I did exactly that.

So, people may ask, is my life more exciting now?

Well, so far it's very much different. I am going through various stages every day and every day feels different. There is excitement sometimes, but also a lot of anxiety. My mind is running crazy with lots of ideas and my heart is flattering like it's filled with butterflies. I can finally paint every day for as long as I wish. I can apply for competitions or exhibitions without worrying whether the dates will clash with my work schedule or not. I finally feel free to make the most of my life, to have fun, to seek joy and to be in the flow.

The anxieties will come and go, they are just a shadow of my old life.

I decided to trust my intuition. Surrender and release the control. It's like with swimming. The universe will always support you if you trust to follow your heart.

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