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Painting gives me incredible freedom to interpret the world I see and feel. I take an object or a memory that inspires me and shape it onto a canvas with my emotions. Everything is organic, imperfect, no straight lines or right angles, even the edge of the table is wavy and bumpy. I love this natural order with no rules inspired by tree branches, meandering of the rivers or oddly shaped fruits and flowers.


Mixing oil paints on a pallet is therapeutic and exciting, because you can’t really tell what you might discover next. It could be a colour or a shade you have never seen before. I believe that colours have healing powers as I am instinctively drawn to a specific one or a combination, depending on my state of being.


The process of painting helps me to forget about my worries and troubles. It makes me happy and my intent is to spread that joy to everyone. If my painting has brought a smile onto your face or evoked a warm feeling in your heart, I have achieved what I was hoping for.


By portraying blissful but fleeting moments I want to express the importance of finding time to be still in our hectic lives and to appreciate what is real and tangible. The smell of the flowers, the sweet taste of the fruit or the beauty of the sun rays reflecting in the glass jar, reminds us what life is all about. Chasing your dreams may be fun, but only in the present moment is when miracles happen.

Evening Fragrances_ oil on box canvas 60x60cm £800.jpg
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