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Big Break

It has been 4 weeks of my career break, my big break, when I'm supposed to start making a living from my art and so far, for most of the time it seems like sowing seeds. There is nothing wrong with that, it is a big part of the process but I can't help to doubt myself from time to time. Can I make it? Am I able to make a living from my art or will I have to eventually go back to my retail job and sacrifice my talent for a big corporation and be a slave for the rest of my life?

The general advice for anyone who wishes to start up a small business is to keep your day job for security of steady income. Everyone agrees how important that peace of mind is to know we will have enough cash to pay for utilities every month. It makes sense, especially with an art business when you never really know how many paintings you sell each month, if any. Nevertheless, for me it seems like giving up my precious time, the time I could use to paint something extraordinary... for once.

Unfortunately the time flies and it flies very fast. In one month I will have to make a decision whether to go back to my day job from mid-January or not. I just wish to have more time or better ideas for my future. For the time being, I will continue sowing my seeds and paint as much and as often as I can. There is hope that all that happiness generated during painting will eventually attract good fortune.

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