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A cat named George

George joined our family last year in December and he already become a muse for a few of my paintings. He had an owner but he didn't have a home, so we took him under our roof and soon became part of the family. He is a joy of our lives and the most grateful being.

I can't imagine life without George now. It seems like he was with us always.

What is interesting here I always believed I was a dog person. Maybe because I thought that dogs are loyal and cats are not. You can own a dog but you will never own a cat. Well unless you keep them indoors, then they have no choice.

George changed my perspective on relationships. Although I love him like my own child I had to learn that he needs his freedom and if he decided to move to another place I would have to accept that. Fortunately he likes our place, a tiny flat and always comes back.

As an intuitive person I have a very interesting connection with George. We communicate without words. I can sense when he wants to come back home (often in the middle of the night). As we live on the second floor and have no cat flap, I have to walk downstairs to open the door for him. Somehow he managed to invade my dream once to let me know that he is waiting. I do speak to George sometimes and he seems to understand me despite the language I use.

Why George became my muse I am not sure. First of all he is a black cat and I don't use black colour in my paintings. So it is not an easy subject to paint but maybe I like challenges.

Second of all I very rarely paint animals. Well I painted my dog once a very long time ago and there was that one painting with turkeys and that was pretty much all.

Maybe I preferred to play safe. It was just easier to paint a still life with no life, so now adding a black cat to my paintings is like a new chapter. The still life with a cat brings a new meaning, a story. It gets interesting.

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